Not Going Anywhere

I’ve been just incredibly busy since Circuit Breaker went into ‘phase 2’ and us restaurants were allowed to finally open. I was left with very little time and space (in my head) to have written something for the blog in that period. It reminded me again how we can’t do everything all the time. I first realised this when I tried learning an instrument on top of working my long and ridiculous hours, gym classes, WSET Diploma coursework, and spending time with my fiancée.

Months later now, things seem pretty much back to normal with the exception of, of course, the donning of masks all the time and social distancing, which have become quite intuitive already as practices. The country is looking to move into ‘phase 3’ by the end of the year if our local case count for COVID-19 keeps at zero. Fingers crossed.

It has been also only recently that I have been properly bugged by the fact that I’ve not published a single post since the last one months ago, and also by how I’ve left that Zinfandel article at ‘Part 1’ for months and not followed up with ‘Part 2’. It’s something that I’m sure to work on these next few weeks and also on generally improving this blog with more regular updates. WSET is back up and school has started for my final exams so it is what I will be prioritising, but the blog will be a close second.

I hope you are all doing ok and holding things together. I’ve been very fortunate in this pandemic for many reasons. It is now that I feel like we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel – Biden winning has got something to do with it too. I also hope that you will stick around for what I’ve got planned for the future of the blog, and wish to see you on the other side!

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